Buyer’s Guide

Why silicone?

We are manufacturing our toys only from platinum silicone, also known as medical silicone. This type of silicone is completely safe for the body and health, it is allergic friendly, doesn’t contain phthalates, BPA or latex.

Choose size

The first difficult choice right after choosing design the model. We advise you check size chart of each model, because two models in M size can differ in circumference significantly.

Whether you’re looking for something small or large, you’ll definitely will find toy that suit your needs!

Choose firmness

Hardness is the next step in configuration after choosing the size. There are three hardness options to choose from: soft, medium and hard.

Remember that the perceptible hardness depends on the size of the model and the thickness of the silicone in a given place. Check chart below.

Hard option is similar to traditional gadgets available in stores. If you like to play hard and without cushioning then this hardness is for you! This hardness is not available on XL size models (only on special order).

Mediun option is recommended for most buyers, as well as those just starting to play with our products. It is a compromise between “jelly” and “rock” so as to facilitate the full use of the possibilities of toys.

However, if you are looking for something really soft, we also have this option! Soft option is available in all sizes, but some larger models will not be able to support themselves.

Harder base option means that the toy base will be made of harder silicone than its shaft. This will allow better stability and increase the strength of the suction cup:
– If you chose soft silicone, then the base will be made of medium silicone.
– If you chose medium silicone, then the base will be made of hard silicone.

Firmness comparision

Firmness / Size S M L XL
Soft Very soft Soft Soft Medium
Medium Medium Medium Medium Hard
Hard Hard Hard Hard Very hard


There is no much to say. Choose your favorite color and we will do it. Can’t decide on one? This is also not a problem, choose two colors and how to mix.

For technological reasons (differences in the display of monitors and differences between batches of pigments), the color of the toy may differ slightly from the chosen color.

Two color options are available:
classic – it is a uniform, solid color, more matt in its structure.
pearl – this is the effect of shimmering color, the color is not solid and has darker “threads” of color randomly spilling over the toy.

Care instruction

If you want to enjoy your toy for a long time, you just need to know a few simple rules:

  • First contact: The toy arrived safe and sound? Yes? Cool! Remember to wash it thoroughly with soap and water before first use to get rid of pollen from the surface. However, if something is wrong with your order, please contact us.
  • Lubricants: Use only water or oil based lubricants. Never use silicone lubricants – they can irreversibly damage the product.
  • Washing: For daily washing use soap and water or dedicated products. If you want to thoroughly clean the product, you can sterilize it by putting it in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Sharp objects: Avoid sharp objects, biting or deeply scratching the toy. Silicone really dislike all kind of cracks and it is easy to destroy toy this way.
  • The toy attracts dust: Unfortunately, this is a characteristic for silicones. The softer the silicone, the more it will attract dust, pollen and hair.

Discreet shipping

Packages from us are brown and boring – but only from the outside! We make sure that no unauthorized person finds out what’s inside, so no logo or no store name can be found on the packaging. The package is a classic brown box, wrapped with tape without additional markings.

Decided? Go to our shop and buy yourself a new toy.